Google, Facebook and Microsoft are just some of the almost too well-known companies putting their weight behind the latest wave of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware. Finally, some say, these technologies start to become feasible. And they surely have the potential to change a great many things. There is something, though, that may not be immediately obvious to everyone. The emergence of these simulated worlds is fast-tracking the use of 3D and computer-generated imagery as the basis for all communication. And that brings with it possibilities, but at the same time some dilemmas. With the flexibility of CGI comes the promise to adapt products to an almost intimate, individual level and leave the “one size fits all” model. People become designers as well as consumers (of their own designs). However, being confronted with the wealth of options induces a feeling of anxiety and an inability to make choices at all. Enter the expert once more, who is there to guide you and make the experience a pleasant one again. Discover how brands can provide true value by helping consumers with expert advice. Curation and automated guidance can overcome the pains of the new-found freedoms of choice. With a richness not viable before, product experiences can and will return satisfaction to the process of tailoring a product to individual tastes.