Aline Noizet

Partner at eHealth Hub

Health 2.0

Passionate about innovation in Health care, bridging the gap between corporates and startup world and connecting people to make things happen.

Aline serves as Business Development Director Europe for Health 2.0, scouting innovative solutions with potential to impact the healthcare system and connecting the dots with the rest of the ecosystem. She has a very active role in the organization of the European conference, taking place in Barcelona every year in the spring.

Aline is a partner of eHealth Hub, an EU project, through which she supports European SMEs to get traction, increase their visibility and facilitate matchmaking with relevant stakeholders.

Aline is also the general manager of Salut 2.0, a Spanish association with 7 hubs all across Spain, which aims at building up a strong digital health ecosystem, locally and accross the country.

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