Davide D’Atri



Davide d’Atri is the founder of Soundreef, a UK Independent Management Entity that is re-inventing how the music industry collects, manages and pays out royalties by competing against the Collective Management Organizations. Davide raised over 4 million euro from venture capital funds and is the CEO of Soundreef S.p.A., the company that owns Soundreef ltd.  Previously, Davide founded Beatpick, a music licensing company that manages music for the film, TV and advertising industry. Davide is a regular guest speaker in several universities and he is lecturer on contract at the Università della Sapienza of Rome.  He has also been the testimonial for a cross media campaign created by BNP-Paribas in 2014 and 2015 and was shown in television, radio and newspapers.  He holds a degree in Economics and a Master in International Business Economics.

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