Dragos Stanca



Dragos Stanca is the founder of ICEEfest, a project he started back in 2008. 

As entrepreneur and/or investor, he founded several companies and projects (the most well known, Q2M, being acquired in 2012 by TDG). His name is linked to several digital projects (social media, e-commerce, advertising) and to the launch of many known Romanian media products.

With a strong journalistic background  – he worked in his 20’s for the belgian network Radio Contact and then for the swiss publisher Ringier – , before starting his own projects, Dragos occupied CEO positions in some of the most important publishing groups in the market. Besides the Interactive Central and Eastern Europe, he is also overviewing the TDG‘s operations in Romania.

Dragos holds a master in economics (“Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj) and an eMBA in media (Scandinavian International Management Institute, Denmark). He’s blogging from time to time on dStanca.net (but you have better chances to connect with him on his Facebook page).

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