Horațiu Ionescu

Official Dealer in Romania

Bang & Olufsen

Horațiu is an experienced manager with over 20 years experience in the international business environment. He has begun his career as an engineer, but his passion for technology and innovation has lead him to the Romanian importer for Chrysler & Jeep cars and car parts. In 2005, Horațiu accepted a new challenge and became the General Manager of Augusta Motors SRL, the Romanian importer for SAAB cars and car parts. He is also very interested in climate changes and environmental issues, being private counselor of the Ministry of Environment between 2012 and 2013.

His biggest adventure so far remains Sound Vision Internation SRL, Bang & Olufsen official dealer in Romania. He has developed this business from green-field, since 2003, creating an important client portfolio and promoting the new technologies among individuals fond of audio-visual excellence, design and innovations.

His commitment to being open, understanding new systems and technologies and sharing his knowledge sets him apart from other professionals, focusing now on Smart Home concept and implications in human life.

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