Lorena Macnaughtan

ICEEhealth Event Director


Lorena Macnaughtan, MA, MBA and PhD candidate, heads up ICEEhealth, the healthcare stream at the Interactive Central and Eastern European Festival (ICEEfest), the biggest digital festival in CEE. She is a digital economist, digital health advocate and connector with a professional and academic interest in the concept of multi-disciplinarity.  In addition to that, she sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of Omixy, a cool London startup that reinvents check up with an integrative omics approach.

Lorena has engaged with and presented at various international events – Doctors 2.0 and You (Paris, France), Stanford Medicine X (Stanford, US), Giant Health Event (London, UK), amongst others – and has communicated her views on platforms such as: Digital Catapult Centre, Innovate Medtec, Mayo Clinic Centre for Innovation, or Medtech Engine.
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