Pamela M. Kato

Ed.M., Ph.D

Serious Games Institute

Prof. Pamela Kato is an internationally recognized expert on making serious games. She is currently Professor of Serious Games at the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University in the UK. She is known for her work as the founding President and CEO at HopeLab where she led the efforts to develop and conduct research on Re-Mission, a widely acclaimed serious game evaluated in a multi-center randomized trial published in the journal Pediatrics. She recently worked on Plan+It Commander, a game to help young children with ADHD learn planning and social skills which is currently being evaluated in a randomized trial.

As the owner of P. M. Kato Consulting, Dr. Kato worked with international companies, government agencies and non-profits to strategically use serious games and gamification to improve customer engagement and patient outcomes. Her clients included Healthy Solutions (Netherlands), Sanofi (France), Janssen (Belgium), the Ministry of Health Holdings (Singapore), HopeLab (USA), Halmstad University (Sweden) and Grendel Games (The Netherlands).

She has numerous research publications in peer-reviewed journals. Her blog about serious games for health ( has been listed among the Top 10 serious game blogs by Pixel Learning and Online Colleges. Dr. Kato received her masters in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University, her Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University and her postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

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