Samuel Profumo

Chief Data Officer

Le Figaro Group

Currently Chief Data Officer in charge of Data, Analytics & CRM strategy, working for LE FIGARO GROUP since 2004 after graduating from Paris Telecom EM with a Master in strategic management.

Earlier worked for MEDIA.figaro, the exclusive Advertising Sales House of LE FIGARO GROUP, where led Operations, Revenue Management and Digital Strategy. Successfully transformed the company tools and analytics, and contributed to launch different key initiatives, such as La Place Media, the first Premium Publishers Adexchange in Europe.

Currently leading Data strategy and operations for LE FIGARO GROUP, first digital French publisher where helping to transform company business model with data, whether it concerns editorial issues, e-commerce or advertising.

In addition to that, representing Le Figaro at the Syndicat des Editeurs de Presse Magazine, in charge with Media Agencies Relations. Also an administrator at EDIPublicité, a cross-media organization which mission is to build standards for the end-to-end advertising workflow in France.

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