Anatolie Gavriliuc

Senior Development Lead - HoloLens


What is extraordinary about a free-to-play browser game? An astronaut running, flying, and shooting aliens. Maybe it’s that players can edit game levels and submit them online for community play and feedback, with a loyal fan base formed. Or that it was 1997!

Earlier, Anatolie cofounded a successful software startup in Moldova, developing parliamentary elections software, a stockholder registrar system, TV CC software, and more. Never complacent however, he exited his thriving company and moved to US to explore new horizons of nascent technology.

By embracing interactive software development early on, Anatolie stayed at the forefront of modern 3D technologies, applying them across many domains. From ReMission, a “serious game” that measurably impacts young cancer patients, to more traditional video games like Pixar’s Cars, WWE, and even Massively Multiplayer Online games.

Now the immersive 3D worlds are stepping out of computer screens. At Microsoft Anatolie is one of the early HoloLens incubation team members, developing exciting mind-blowing technologies trailblazing our future. As part of the Experiences group, he envisions and brings to reality paradigm-shifting MR interactions, making the world around us the new UX canvas.

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