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A healthy woman is the heart of a happy family, preventative healthcare saves lives, and “We come to You” – were the founding themes leading to international executive Carman Kobza co-founding Singapore and Bengaluru based MyCliniCare digital preventative healthcare solutions.

India remains the largest contributor to cancer deaths at 2.2 million every year, of the global figure of 8.8 million, mainly due to 70 percent of cancer patients consulting the doctor at the terminal stage. Those who approach in the first stage of cancer have greater than 85 percent chance of cure. 

The take-away. Get cancer in the developed world…you live. Get cancer in the developing world…you die.

MyCliniCare is compassionately driven to rapidly and widely deploy our innovative pre-screening care model and the latest digital preventative diagnostics to “right this wrong.” Complementing our many years of telemedicine deployment expertise and network partnerships, we focus on a core Women’s Preventative Healthcare platform—led by breast and cervix screening and remote video specialist consultation—that incorporates high standards of clinical excellence, Lean efficiencies and finite attention to perfecting user value and experience. We expect every trusting user of MyCliniCare to be a repeat, HAPPY user and champion of preventative care for life.

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