Charlie Ballard

Global Director, Strategic Insights


Charlie began working with consumer data at Forrester Research in Boston just in time to witness the dotcom crash of 2001, before switching to lead agency measurement and analytics with multiple global clients including General Motors, Comcast, American Express, AT&T, BT and Fidelity.

After receiving his MBA in 2012 at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Charlie joined BT’s MBA Leadership Programme as an internal consultant before most recently moving to TripAdvisor in 2013 in his current role of Global Director, Strategic Insights. Now based out of London, Charlie today works to make the most of TripAdvisor’s massive traveller research data, developing new analytics products to help the world’s largest travel companies, banks and management consultancies stay current with global traveller trends and better understand their competitors and the world travel landscape.

See LinkedIn profile for more info.

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