Cosmin Mihaiu


Mira Rehab

When Cosmin Mihaiu noticed that injured patients find physiotherapy difficult — and often take longer to recover because of it — he dedicated himself to making the process more engaging, or even fun. In 2011, while studying Software Engineering, he and his colleagues came up with MIRA, a software platform that lets patients play interactive, therapeutic games.

As MIRA Rehab’s CEO, Cosmin now focuses on building relationships with medical institutions, showing them how video-games can make recovery more effective for patients and therapist alike.
His company has received several awards and MIRA is being used in over 16 institutions world wide.
In 2013, Cosmin was named one of the “30 under 30” by Forbes Romania and in 2015 he was invited in the TED Fellows Programme, his TED Talk getting over 1 million views.

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