Jason Lovell

Director of Brand Partnerships EMEA

Jaunt VR

Passionate about the wonders of VR & AR and the boundless potential the technologies have to benefit businesses on all levels, Jason has over ten years’ experience in consumer electronics in a variety of senior roles, culminating in managing VR for Samsung UK.

Jason then founded Captivate; an expert immersive consultancy that provided a holistic and impartial service to businesses of all sizes and sectors, enabling them to truly comprehend and embrace the incredible opportunities offered by these cutting-edge immersive technologies.

He also co-founded Amplio.co, an innovative business focused on developing the world’s leading VR platform for athletes to improve their performance across a range of sports.

In 2017 Jason then joined Jaunt VR as Director of Brand Partnerships for the EMEA region, where he is now engaged with a wide range of innovative brands in a variety of exciting cinematic VR projects that really utilise Jaunt’s significant expertise.

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