Lila Stavropoulou

Regional Account Manager Turkey & Middle East

eHealth Forum

Lila Stavropoulou is a visionary corporate communication professional collaborating with startups, European organizations as well as local & international NGO’s in digital health communication projects. She is currently collaborating with the eHealth Forum, an initiative created in 2014, to influence perception and change behavior when it comes to integrating digital health as we all become more vulnerable to the cost of healthcare and technology opens new possibilities to manage our health and deliver care. We engage the public and further their understanding and knowledge as people come to realize their vested interest in being health care consumers comes with choices, alternatives, and power. We engage the academic community and facilitate them to create breakthroughs and methods to accommodate educating and training in digital skills, connecting them with their peers the world over. As a Regional Account Manager for Turkey & the Middle East, Lila is building, growing and maintaining new partnership and client relationships to increase opportunities for collaboration on eHealth projects around the region, carrying out research and identifying target new partners including government and corporate organizations.

She holds a Master of Research in Strategy and Corporate Communication and a BA in Communication and Media Studies. She also works as a Corporate Communication Consultant for Designer Brothers.

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