Marius Geanta


Center of Innovation in Medicine

Dr. Marius Geantă is Founder of the Center for Innovation in Medicine, an organisation based in Bucharest, Romania, focused on the innovation in healthcare.

Dr. Geantă is a pioneer in the field of personalised (precision) medicine in Romania, working as expert in personalised (precision) medicine for European Development Platform and acting as National Task Force Manager for Romania of Public Health Genomics Network. Dr. Marius Geantă is involved in high-level scientific projects like IT Future of Medicine and IT Future of Cancer.

Dr. Marius Geantă graduated in 2003 the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest. His passion is innovation in medicine and especially personalised (precision) medicine.

In his regard, in 2014 , dr. Geantă founded the Center for Innovation in Medicine, a non-governmental organisation who has the aim to shorten the time between the emergence of innovations in medical sector and their application for patients benefit in Romania and elsewhere.

Centre for Innovation in Medicine is the Romanian partner for European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, a Brussel-based expert group focused on next-generation genomic-based medical/healthcare systems.

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