Nick Sohnemann



Nick Sohnemann is the founder of the innovation consultancy FUTURECANDY and the director of the Innolab of the Hamburg Media School (Hamburg University). He is one of the leading European innovation consultants and helps medium-sized and large corporations to innovate successfully. Moreover, he is a keynote speaker inspiring the audience about new tech, future trends and innovation topics.

For FUTURECANDY, Nick conducts innovation workshops in which participants develop new business ideas and products. Besides being “Mr. Innovation”, his core focus is the concept of “innovation hacking”, a method developed in the Silicon Valley, helping companies to develop and implement ideas and to innovate faster and more successfully. Currently, he gained expert knowledge in data glasses, wearables, mobile payment and the internet of things.

Born in Hamburg, Nick is always traveling the globe in search of state-of-the-art methods and tools for innovation and is thus truly cosmopolitan. He is driven by the belief that real innovators start innovating themselves by accepting and using new technologies and innovation.

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