Raluca Badea



Raluca Badea, MD is a medical intern, specialized in neurology, National Representative at the Resident Research Fellows Section of the European Association of Neurology. Her daily activity imply assessing patients with acute neurological disorders or chronic diseases like movement disorders, neuroimmunological disorders and so on. Given her interest in technology, along with a team of 5 engineers and 1 design specialist she’s working on the development of a medical device capable of monitoring motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease, which can fill an important gap in the niche market required by this group of patients. They are currently working on a device which could monitor the daily motor activity and the intensity of abnormal movements  of patients with Parkinson’s disease, which could help them and their caregivers by making it easier to choose the right moment to seek medical assistance, for adjusting the treatment dosages  or to ask for permanent home care personnel.

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