Scott Summit

Designer and Researcher

Stanford University

Scott Summit seeks to connect complex human needs with design and technology solutions. To this end, he founded Bespoke Innovations in 2010, based on 20 years of experience and research in design and additive fabrication. From 2013-2016, he served as the Design Director for 3D Systems, leading a focused team of designers to explore the boundaries of 3D printing.

Their projects challenge expectations in design and fabrication, often exploring new approaches to problem solving and how we address human need. Summit has held faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University, and currently lectures at Singularity University. He holds over 60 design and utility patents, and ran an innovations ‘skunkworks’ as Design Director for 3D Systems until August of 2015.

He now works to educate and enlighten a new generation of designers about the opportunities presented by the rich new set of technologies available to us all.

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