Sotiris Papantonopoulos-Mantonopoulos

Founder and CEO

Money Market

Mr. Sotiris Papantonopoulos-Mantonopoulos is the Founder and CEO of money market s.a., which operates in the insurance industry, through, the biggest online insurance aggregator in Greece, which creates an easier and more affordable way for Greeks to compare and purchase automobile, motorcycle, boat, and home insurance policies.
He was General Manager of DTZ Greece SA and Hellenic Land LLC, a real estate consulting and private equity investment firm. He has also worked in Boston and New York as Senior Vice President at Gruntal & Co LLC, the investment bank.
Mr. Papantonopoulos-Mantopoulos holds a MSc in Business Administration from London School of Economics and a BSc in Marketing and Financials from University of Boston. He has also attended educational programs at Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Management. Last but not least, he has been chosen as endeavor entrepreneur.

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