Valentin Radu



Valentin Radu is a serial entrepreneur and visionary involved in tech and digital marketing for the past 12 years. Married with two children, he is the founder of Omniconvert, a worldwide awarded all in one conversion suite. Omniconvert is a democratic SaaS company with 100% focus on conversion optimization.

Valentin is known for his unyielding positive energy, creativity, and knowledge about marketing and business. He is also an international keynote speaker. Most of the times he talks at conferences about eCommerce, optimization, and growth.

Omniconvert has now served over 12000+ websites.  3.5Bn visits a month run through the testing platform and clients include Samsung, Wordstream, OLX, Avon and many more!  Valentin is a sought after thought leader in the CRO space and speaks at conferences worldwide on testing ideas and CRO methodology.

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