Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on how to activate your iCEE Account for using the iCEE.fest App and platform

1. Why do I need an username and password?

Starting 2017 we launched the unique Username and Password system for using both the iCEE.fest App and the iCEE.fest Academy web platform.

We are a premium event and our content is valuable to our community, that’s why it’s crucial for us to be sure that only our supporters who are doing a fair investment buying an iCEE.fest ticket have access to the recordings of the presentations from the latest festival.

2. How about the password I received for after the iCEE.fest 2017?

That password is not valid anymore. It was a temporary solution but due to the fact that some attendees broke the rule and shared their password we changed the system with a more secure solution.

Now only the new unique username and password can be used to enjoy our valuable content from the latest edition of the festival and also some new exclusive content that we will add soon.

  • IMPORTANT: If more than 5 devices are used for the same username and password the access for that specific username will be blocked.

3. Ok, so where and how can I watch the latest presentations from iCEE.fest?

You can do that in 2 ways:

  • Using the web platform available on the iCEE.fest Academy website (just browse through the presentations and choose what you like to watch after you’re logged in)
  • Using your iCEE.fest App. In the app you will find each presentation in the agenda of the festival. This is now called „Agenda and Videos 2017” and you can find it easy in the main menu of the app.

  • IMPORTANT! If you don’t see this screen in your iCEE.fest app, be sure that you have the latest version on your smartphone!

4. All the presentations from iCEE.fest are available for members only?

The archive (starting 2013 to 2016) is free to watch, here. Usually we are making the presentations available for everybody 1 month before the next festival to give a chance to our new members to check the vibe of the iCEE.fest.

  • IMPORTANT! The most valuable presentations, the new ones from the latest edition of the festival, are available for MEMBERS ONLY!

5. How can I obtain access to the iCEE.fest community?

You are a member of our community if you have a valid ticket for iCEE.fest 2017 or you already bought a ticket for iCEE.fest 2018. You can buy one now, at a very early bird rate, here.

6. I have a ticket for iCEE.fest 2017 and/or 2018 but I can’t remember the password for the app.

That’s simple: go on the homepage and use the link listed at the „Forget Password”. You will receive on your email all the instructions needed.

  • IMPORTANT: The username you can use to redeem your password is the same email address you used to activate your iCEE.fest app and the email you used to register and receive your tickets. You can also use a different email address but you will need first to ask our team to make this change via email: tickets (at)

If you have a valid ticket for 2017 or 2018 and you don’t have the app yet, you can download the latest version and activate your account (same username and password will work for web platform and iCEE.fest mobile app).

7. My question is not listed here!

If you’re still in trouble simply email us tickets (at) and our team will be happy to help you to activate your membership.

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