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Client? Agency? Get the worldwide recognition for your work and join the IAB MIXX Awards competition!


The MIXX Awards is the most prominent digital advertising competition in the world

With a concept designed in the United States by the Association of Interactive Advertising Industry (IAB), MIXX Awards stands as the international standard for excellency and efficiency of online advertising campaigns, proving year after year that digital can provide both creative quality and marketing effects, together with delivering a remarkable user experience.

We, at IAB Romania, believe that, precisely these requirements truly help our digital advertising market to develop.

For any agency, a MIXX Award means a proof of excellence in digital advertising, accredited by marketing peers, at international standards and recognition!

What does it mean to win a MIXX Award?

Ioana Anescu @ MIXX Awards 2016, iCEE.fest

For the local industry, the IAB MIXX Awards is not just a recognition of performance, but a statement of best practices that lead to the actual quality of the digital environment, placing Romania next to other European and worldwide countries.

For us, the Association of Interactive Advertising, the MIXX Awards is a crucial project that we see growing year after year – both in attendance and in the quality of the campaigns submitted.

  • Winners of the local edition are among the winners of the European MIXX Awards edition since 2014
  • Since 2012, when we started the local project we had over 120 campaigns submitted and around 50 winners
  • They all hold the banner of excellence in digital advertising and help us promote annually the best practices of online marketing!
  • Some of the winning names of MIXX Romania throughout the years are: Starcom, Digital Star, Kinecto, Geometry Global, Carat, Mediainvestment, Mindshare, V8 Interactive, The Practice, Ursus, Orange, Telekom, Staropramen, Enel, SEAT, Samsung, BCR, IKEA, and others

We’d also like for people to be more aware that the IAB MIXX Awards is the only contest organized for non-profit reasons, but exclusively for highlighting & promoting the need of quality in digital communication.

MIXX Awards in Romania

The IAB MIXX Awards in Romania had a fair evolution for 6 years, both in terms of the number of campaigns submitted, every year we have a 10 -20% increase in the number of campaigns, and in terms of jury and evaluation!

This is a very important part of the competition because we put a lot of effort in assuring that the evaluation is strict and objective, without question – this being one of the strength points of the contest!

The judging system, rules and structure is based on MIXX international standards that are used all over the countries where the Awards are being organized.

Intense scrutiny during the judging process ensures that winning submissions truly reflect the industry’s best work and reward the creatives and brands that successfully use the online environment in order to best achieve their objectives

Winning a MIXX Award consists in world recognition and is one of the most sought-after honors in the interactive advertising!

How to win a MIXX Award

We have a 4 stage evaluation process, first by IAB Romania, that indexes all the necessary and required materials of the submitted campaigns, so that the jury has the complete package to make a thorough evaluation.

The 2nd stage implies the selection made by the local jury, comprised of highly acclaimed representatives of the entire interactive advertising ecosystem—advertising agency experts, brand marketers, major media company executives and independent digital and marketing consultants.

The 3rd part of the evaluation is executed by an international panel of winners of a MIXX Award from other countries and/or members of the jury of the International MIXX Awards editions.

  • For example, this year we have international representatives from Greece, Turkey, Poland, Belgium and Serbia among the jury members
  • The assessment takes into consideration 4 indicators: Strategy, Execution & Use of Media, Results & ROI and Creativity.

The final stage of the evaluation is comprised by a face to face meeting with the juries, in order to clarify any further issues and to establish the winners of each category and the Best MIXX Campaign.

The categories @ MIXX Awards

Every submitted campaign receives, after the closure of the contest, a written report with the jury’s mentions and observations.

This way, MIXX Awards is not just a recognition of the best use of digital in communication, but also a way of improving the quality, learning and growing, year after year

With every edition we try to add up and to be as more connected to the evolution of the digital environment as possible – so we adapt the categories, add new ones or refine existing ones – in order to best fit the reality of digital marketing and the progress of the online communication channels.

Within the dedicated MIXX task force we tackle the opportunity of adding categories dedicated to Programmatic or VR/AR – starting next year!

We are inviting you to take your first exclusive digital award this year and get your industry recognition at worldwide standards!

The winners @ IAB MIXX Awards 2016

MullenLowe Profero won the MIXX Awards in 2016, with My Heartbeats campaign for Orange.

All prizes awarded in 2016:

  • Best Performance Campaign: Ikea Electronic Purchase & Delivery / Media Investment / Ikea
  • Best Native Advertising Campaign: Ursus Cooler / Media Investment / Ursus
  • Best Mobile Branded App: My Mobile Mobile App / Centrade – Cheil / Enel
  • Best Video Campaign Prize: ChefExperience / V8 Interactive / Staropramen
  • Best Content Marketing Project: Eu sunt 12 / First Content Studio / Bergenbier
  • Best Digital PR Campaign: Visit Bogata / Kinecto / Bogata Town Hall
  • Best Social Media Campaign: The Kilometers bank / Geometry Global / Ponderas
  • Best Interactive Experience: My Heartbeats / MullenLowe Profero / Orange
  • Most Experimental & Innovative Campaign: The Lenovo Hunger Eliminator Button / Digital Star / Lenovo

Mixx Awards is an international quality mark for outstanding digital-focused marketing activations. Each edition of Mixx Awards sets a benchmark for the whole interactive industry for one year

Jacek Karolak, Strategic Director, K2 Internet Poland – member of the jury of MIXX Poland 2016 & member of the international jury of MIXX Romania 2017

As a brand you don’t care about awards – you care about profit and brand love. For me as a human being though, getting the MIXX Award meant a lot. It means that top professionals value your work, it means you don’t just deliver – you inspire

Nemanja Djuric, Digital Product Manager, Coca Cola, Serbia – Winner of MIXX Awards Serbia 2016 & member of the international jury of MIXX Romania 2017

We are inviting you to take your first exclusive digital award this year and get your industry recognition at worldwide standards!

Receive your reward during the Gala Evening within the biggest and most important digital conference in Romania: iCEE.fest (Interactive Central and Eastern Europe festival), on the evening of June 15th!

Ioana Anescu


Ioana Anescu

Ioana Anescu is the managing Director of IAB Romania since 2011. Graduate of Marketing within the Academy of Economic Studies and holder of a Master in Communication Techniques, she started working in Marketing for Human Resources, then as an entrepreneur organizing training and various professional events, since 2009 she is engaged within the Association of Digital Marketing in Romania. Between 2013 - 2015 she was part of the Board of IAB Europe.

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