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iCEE.health is going back to Stanford Medicine X


iCEE.health, the iCEE.fest stream on innovation in healthcare, continues to develop globally, after establishing six international partnerships to date.

Lorena Macnaughtan, ICEEhealth Event Director, is going to present for the third time at Stanford Medicine X, “the #1 most discussed academic medical conference in the world”.

This year, it takes place between September 15th-17th, with 160+ high quality breakout sessions from leading innovators and researchers from around the globe.

Find out more here and sign up to find out details on how you can access the free online stream or follow the Facebook page.

Along with Pepita Stringer, Lorena will present on a very hot topic – genomics. The democratisation of health will keep giving and so would direct to consumer genomic services… “Imagine Having Your Whole Genome Sequenced…” Ready for it?

Moreover, Lorena will attend a Masterclass with the Dean of Stanford School of Medicine, Lloyd Minor, whilst at Stanford Medicine X.

This year, at iCEE.health, we have allocated significant space to healthcare education, enjoying also the presence of the prestigious Professor, surgeon and innovator, Shafi Ahmed. Lorena, in her closing speech, stressed the importance of healthcare education for healthcare change and touched on the impact of digital technology and innovation on the future of healthcare education.

At iCEE.health, we welcome “everyone who has something to learn and something to teach” in healthcare innovation

The iCEE.health Director presence at Stanford Medicine X is indeed of special significance because since its inception, iCEE.health was designed as a platform for learning and networking, aiming to draw together the entire healthcare innovation ecosystem. In that respect, it’s the first of its kind event in Central and Eastern Europe region. Lorena Macnaughtan, iCEE.health Event Director, is one of the international advocates for inclusiveness in healthcare conferences, being also one of the signatories of the Patients Included in healthcare conferences charter.

This year, iCEE.health has been proud to align with the Everyone Included™ framework, as third tier.

Everyone Included™ is a framework for health care innovation, implementation and transformation based on principles of mutual respect and inclusivity. It is the culmination of six years of co-creation with a diverse group of health care stakeholders at Stanford Medicine X that has resulted in a series of design and leadership principles intended to drive collaborative health care innovation efforts.

A recent study on inclusiveness of all healthcare stakeholders in a conference, based on the symplur database, has proved its impact not only on the social echo and impact, but also on its participants. #iceehealth is a registered hashtag in the database; you can explore it here and use it and abuse it anytime you want.

We can’t have honest conversations if we don’t have trust, and we don’t have trust in our relationships because we don’t understand each other. (Larry Chu, Stanford Medicine X Director & Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Stanford University)

iCEE.health just had its second run this year, with 36 speakers from 8 countries, presenting innovation from four continents. The best thus far J! With a world premiere – the first doctor avatar of the most viewed surgeon in history, three speakers from the top 100 worldwide influencers in digital health, an American speaker decorated with the French Legion of Honour for her work in eHealth, we had #pinksocks, music and lots of innovation on the stage. We also brought together 10 digital health start-ups from seven countries at the eHealth Hub two days Lean Academy… and many others.

All presentations are now available on our Academy. Not long now until the iCEE.health third edition ;). Expect more.

Daniel Marton


Daniel Marton

After 3 years as a radio reporter (back in 2003), Daniel has experienced some other options that media can offer: 2 years as a special reporter (print), 2 years as a news commentator (tv), 2 years as an editor-in-chief (online) plus another 5 years as an online manager (digital). Since 2016, he is a freelance journalist, delivering documented articles and creative ideas for any kind of media. Ever since then, Daniel joined the iCEE.fest family, as a contributing editor for iCEE.news.

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