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“You are not a marketer, you are a publisher”: Steven Bartlett (Social Chain) to all the social first marketing agencies


An award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and investor, leading a company of 120+ like-minded individuals who are quickly disrupting the ever-changing social sphere.

This is Steven Bartlett, the 24 years old CEO and co-founder of Social Chain, one of the world top social first marketing agencies.

Among the 170+ speakers from iCEE.fest 2017, Steven’s presentation was full of great insights for both marketers, publishers, influencers and brands as well.

“#1 lesson about marketing: never fall into the dangerous trap of thinking that anybody cares about you, as much as you care about you” Steven Bartlett

The road to success

In his speech, Steven talked openly about his first attempts into entering in the digital industry.

Wallpark was his primary project but, in his own words, “I worked in a wrong direction, I just had to put the brands on social media, where the attention of the public is“.

The road from flyers and posters to what Social Chain represents today hasn’t been deprived of hard moments and thoughts of giving up.

Even so, in just 2 years, Steven has created a company which can create social media campaigns that can be reached by over 300 million people.

Working with micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are at the base of the Social Chain’s campaigns. And here’s why:

  • Ability to hit small niches
  • Authenticity/ Improved conversion
  • More cost effective
  • Make people feel something, either way

“Once you have their attention, you’re going to need to rely on that retained audiences’ engagement, to share the stream, bringing new audiences in” Steven Bartlett

The most important part: how does the money come? What Social Chain is doing so differently but also so well, even if their average age in the company is just 21 years old?

Well, for that answer you’ll just have to watch the full presentation, available in iCEE. academy: How to beak the internet, by Steven Bartlett.


How can I watch this member’s only presentation?

iCEE.academy offers free access to the presentations from the festival’s archive between 2013-2016 (264 videos) while the 2017 presentations and workshops (137 videos) are unrestricted only to those who have a valid ticket for this year’s iCEE.fest or for the 2018 edition.

The free old presentations can be accessed here while for viewing the latest videos, authentication can be done here with the username and password used for the iCEE.fest app.

You don’t have a ticket for iCEE.fest 2017? No stress! You can book one for iCEE.fest 2018 here and get also full access to the iCEE.academy platform and our new iCEE.fest App.

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Daniel Marton


Daniel Marton

After 3 years as a radio reporter (back in 2003), Daniel has experienced some other options that media can offer: 2 years as a special reporter (print), 2 years as a news commentator (tv), 2 years as an editor-in-chief (online) plus another 5 years as an online manager (digital). Since 2016, he is a freelance journalist, delivering documented articles and creative ideas for any kind of media. Ever since then, Daniel joined the iCEE.fest family, as a contributing editor for iCEE.news.

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